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2012 NBA Finals: Scott Brooks Sticking With Starting Lineup

Don't expect the Oklahoma City Thunder to overreact to their first loss in the 2012 NBA Finals. Scott Brooks will stick with his starting lineup tonight for Game 3 despite slow starts in each of the first two games.

"It hasn't even crossed my mind to change the starting lineup. It's important to have a good start and a good finish," Brooks said. "Every fight is important. You can't just say we're going to knock the guy out in the final round, you have to punch him in the first round just as many times in the last round. We have to fight every possession and every round and that's what we have to do. I've never considered changing the starting lineup, we're pretty good."

Miami doesn't have a dominant big man so therefore many are calling for Kendrick Perkins to be replaced in the starting lineup by James Harden with the Thunder going small. However, Scott Brooks like the continuity that his team has had all year and is sticking with it at least at this point.

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