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Thunder Vs. Heat: What Oklahoma City Needs To Correct To Win

The Oklahoma CIty Thunder find themselves two losses away from elimination after falling to the Miami Heat on Sunday night. After winning the first game of the series, the Thunder have faltered in key moments and allowed the Heat to take the series lead.

With Tuesday's Game Four a near must-win for the Thunder, outlines what the team must improve on to win. Free-throw shooting is at the top of that list.

The Thunder is missing far too many free throws: After leading the NBA the last two seasons at 82.3 percent and 80.6 percent, OKC is shooting just 70.1 percent (54 for 77) from the free-throw line in the Finals. Game 3 was the worst showing yet at 62.5 percent (15 for 24). OKC is getting its usual number of attempts at the line compared to the regular season (26.4), but it's nowhere close to its usual number of makes (21.3).

The Heat aren't doing the Thunder any favors from the line either. Miami is shooting 85.9 percent at the stripe this series.

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