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Peter King Notes Seattle's Anger Toward Oklahoma City Thunder

In his latest Monday Morning Quarterback column for Sports Illustrated, Peter King took a few lines to comment on his travel observations, as per the usual. This time he found himself in Seattle and noted the overall sorrow and anger the citizens of Seattle still have over losing their Supersonics basketball franchise to Oklahoma City.

King writes, "It's hard to fathom, unless you're there, the level of enmity the fine people of Seattle have for the departed Sonics-turned-Thunder. Walking around the city last Monday and Tuesday, I saw maybe a dozen people wearing T-shirts with the old Sonics logo -- the skyline of Seattle, with the Space Needle -- in green and gold Sonics colors, with the word "Robbed" underneath the logo. Seattle, in fact, might be rooting harder in this series for the Heat than the denizens of Miami. Amazing to hear the anger the city still feels over losing the basketball team to Oklahoma City."

The frustration is definitely understandable, but it's also clear that nothing will change and that the city is trying to wrangle another franchise to move to Seattle or for the NBA to expand to the city once again. Expansion will water down the product, so it will be interesting to see if any moves or even overtures are made by David Stern concerning any possibilities. For now, the only thing Seattle residents can do is stay pissed off.