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2012 NBA Finals, Thunder Vs. Heat: Bomani Jones On Game 3

In the latest Monday Morning Jones, you'll read Bomani Jones' take on the overreaction to Oklahoma City's win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. The Thunder haven't won since then and now trail 2-1 in the series, with two more games to play in Miami.

By the time Game 4 tips off, fans and media will wonder if the young OKC squad has it in them to avoid this series ending in South Beach. Like Bomani said: "My, how things have changed."

All of sudden LeBron James is the veteran playoff performer so many seemed to have forgotten he was, and Kevin Durant is the young scoring champion who doesn't play physical enough to get the superstar treatment from the referees in Finals games.

That wasn't the narrative a week ago.

This, from Bo's column:

Less than a week ago, the supposedly knowledgeable determined the Heat had to win Game 2 against Oklahoma City to have a shot at a championship. Not this championship, mind you, but any championship at all. Like, ever.

A few days later, and the Thunder are down 2-1 with the following anvil over their heads -- no team, out of 30, has ever won the NBA Finals after trailing 3-1. It was silly to start counting OKC's rings after one game, and it would be just as silly to bury them after two losses. Lose the next one, however, and get ready for questions on whether OKC will ever win a ring itself, given how either James Harden or Serge Ibaka will have to leave town soon. Isn't it funny how quickly the media can turn on a team?

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