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NBA Free Agency: Ramon Sessions Set To Leave Los Angeles Lakers

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a maximum of four games left in the 2012 NBA season before they have to start thinking about the future like everyone else. While they don't want to lose focus, it's interesting to begin to look at free agent options for the upcoming offseason and wonder whether or not Sam Presti might be interested in adding them. Some news dropped today that might pique the team's interest.

Derek Fisher currently serves as a veteran leader and back-up point guard on the roster behind Russell Westbrook at this point, but Fisher's play has often hurt the Thunder at key points in this postseason. As the entire roster has gained playoff experience at the deepest level, perhaps the intangibles that Fisher brings won't be so valuable the next time around.

Sessions, on the other hand, would offer the Thunder an excellent spark off the bench. He averaged 12.7 points and 6.2 assists for the Lakers this season after coming over from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thunder fans found out last game what happens when Russell Westbrook has to sit for a spell, and having a player with Sessions' quickness and ability could help curb that drop in talent.