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NBA Finals 2012, Thunder Vs. Heat: OKC Has Game 4 History

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Thunder will attempt to even up the 2012 NBA Finals at 2-2 as they take on the Miami Heat in Florida. This, of course, is far from the first Game 4 that the Thunder have been involved in, but they have come a long was since last year's playoffs.

J.A. Sherman at Welcome To Loud City took a look at two of the big Game 4 matchups that the Thunder had in the 2011 NBA Playoffs. He compares the performances against the Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks to what the Thunder will need to accomplish on Tuesday.

I think that tonight's game is going to carry a similar tenor as the Game 4 against Memphis. Miami is rolling right now with just enough of a mix of great defense and LeBron James offense to outlast the Thunder. There is going to come a point in tonight's game when OKC looks like it is about to slip and lose all traction in these Finals. It is at that moment that the Thunder will have to consider what they are going to become in 2012 and decide to either ride out the string or fight back.

Game 4 is there for the taking. OKC is good enough to do it, smart enough to do it, and strong enough to do it. The only question left is this - when the game-deciding plays are there to be made, will OKC be ready to make them to decide the game?

The whole article is well worth check out if you have a moment.

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