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The Oklahoma City Thunder Have The Audacity To Ask Lil' Wayne To Have A Ticket Before Coming Into Game 3

You might have heard the news on Thursday during game three of the Oklahoma City's triumphant return to victory lane over the San Antonio Spurs in a 102-82 win in the Western Conference Finals. You see, when the games get bigger in the NBA playoffs, the stars tend to come out. In this particular instance, Lil' Wayne decided to make his way to the friendly confines of Chesapeake Energy Arena in OKC and watch the game.

However, there was one small problem. Even "A Milli" couldn't get Lil' Wayne a ticket, because the game was 100% sold out.

Lil' Wayne alerted the world of his transgressions on Thursday evening with a simple tweet.

That tweet sounds full of hardship and angst, right? Did the man get escorted off the premises and told, "we don't serve your kind 'round here?" I'm not trying to be extreme, but why would someone be denied access to a game...

....unless, God forbid, the game was sold out. To be more clear, the man asked for front row seats just moments before arguably the biggest game in the short history of the Thunder organization. Yep, those seats are just readily available for all to enjoy. Insert sarcasm.

The Thunder organization made a brief statement about the matter, stating the obvious:

"We are completely sold out, had nothing available at all. We would love to have him at our game, but he needs a ticket." -- Thunder Mgmt.

Seems fair enough. Right? But no, Lil' Wayne's still miffed.

So the man sends a text message to the the Worldwide Leader stating the following:

"They denied me the tix. Didnt want me in their arena. They also said if I do come, I can only sit behind the bench, not on the floor & that I wouldn't be able to get any special escort nor entrance. They said its the ‘Oklahoma way'." -- Lil Wayne

To be completely fair, there's a good chance that no one in the Thunder organization knew who in God's name is "Lil' Wayne." However, to act like this is a hate crime against you because you couldn't get courtside seats for a playoff game, in a region of the country where you have no pull, is still asking to move a mountain. Plus, what in the heck is the "Oklahoma Way?" I'm from there and I don't even know what it is.

The only "Oklahoma Way" that matters is getting a win on Saturday night in Game 4. Well, that and Lil' Wayne hasn't made a dope album since The Carter 1...but that's a different article for me to write on a different day.