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Thunder Vs. Spurs Halftime Score: OKC Has Double-Digit Lead Over San Antonio

The Oklahoma City Thunder are trying to even up the Western Conference Finals at two games apiece, and judging by the 55-43 halftime lead they have over the San Antonio Spurs they are on their way to tie the series.

The Thunder have this double-digit lead despite Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden scoring a combined 16 points. Durant has been held in check by shooting the ball only four times for eight points, but that is likely to change once he gets going in the second half.

The Thunder earned their lead by having a strong second quarter which started out by going on a 12-3 run and slowly extended their lead.

The Thunder are getting excellent performances from Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka who are leading the team in scoring with 13 and 14 points apiece With a 12 point lead and their leading scorers struggling is actually a good sign for the Thunder since the odds that Durant and Westbrook will be held the whole game is unlikely.

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