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NBA Finals Grades: Oklahoma City Thunder Earns 'B-' From ESPN

When instant post-game grades are being given out, it's understandable that the winning team would earn the higher marks and the losers would shake their heads in frustration. The Oklahoma City Thunder earned a "B-" grade from ESPN shortly after game four of the 2012 NBA Finals went down with the Miami Heat topping OKC 104-98

From the ESPN report by Tom Haberstroh, "Russell Westbrook was a wrecking ball early and late, destroying the Heat defense with laser jumpers and furious paint attacks. He established a new career-high in points (43) and gave the Heat whiplash seemingly every time down the court. But alas, they can't win with James Harden playing like this."

The Heat are in a historically great position given that no team in NBA history has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. The Thunder have the talent to be the first but this is a hole even the mighty Kevin Durant likely won't climb out of.

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