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NBA Finals 2012: Mario Chalmers Plays Hero Role For Miami Heat

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With the Miami Heat so close to NBA glory, it wasn't LeBron James who was the hero of game four. Nor was it Dwyane Wade. It wasn't even Chris Bosh. Instead it was former Kansas Jayhawk Mario Chalmers who rose to the occasion to become the hero for the Heat in their 104-98 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night.

Chalmers had an incredible 25 points on 9 of 15 shooting from the floor in a performance that was efficient on all levels. Chalmers was the scoring presence the team needed from the backcourt as an answer to the Thunder's scoring prowess and it came on a night when injuries flared up for both LeBron and Wade.

ESPN's Tom Haberstroh writes, "We saw Super Mario Chalmers in Game 4. That Chalmers clutch layup with LeBron sidelined might have been the biggest bucket of his career. Newly flat-topped Norris Cole tried to steal the show with huge buckets early, but Chalmers took the baton and never looked back. More impressive than Chalmers' 25 points? He tallied just one turnover. Chalmers lives for the Finals."

The Thunder are now backed into a corner they likely won't get out of.

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