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2012 NBA Finals: LeBron James Undoubtedly Deserves MVP Honor

For all of the weight on LeBron James' shoulders, he carried himself and his team at an unbelievable level in this postseason. The 2012 NBA Finals belonged to the Miami Heat because of their iconic star, and while he's always been an elite player, he's also taken his share of hits in the media and with fans. The Decision didn't help, but The Championship will silence his critics -- at least those who think.

James was unstoppable in the NBA Finals and the same can be said of the whole postseason. In game five, he added a triple double of 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists. It's just another incredible game that's turned into an incredible string of games.

Tom Sunnergren of Philadunkia writes, "LeBron James, by the sheer tidal force of the 28.6 point/7.4 assist/10.2 rebound line he posted in these NBA Finals -- including 26/13/11 in the clinching game -- didn't just refute the old arguments against his "clutchness," but obliterated them, rendered them ridiculous. Do yourself a favor: take a minute to appreciate the mastery of the sport we witnessed these last eight weeks. It doesn't happen often."

Sunnergren says it best: the arguments have to stop. LeBron deserved the MVP honor this season and he deserves it again for the postseason. This is the game's best player showing it at every stage of competition and he deserves the moment.

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