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NBA Offseason 2012: Kevin Durant Against Major Changes To Thunder

Kevin Durant doesn't think the Thunder need to make major changes this offseason, as they look to capture the 2012-13 NBA title next season.


No, the Oklahoma City Thunder did not win the 2012 NBA Championship. Yes, they sadly lost to Superfriends and the Miami Heat in five games.

Despite that, though, the 2011-12 season was still a successful campaign for the young Thunder. Oklahoma City easily had their most successful year since moving from Seattle, and they did so with a young team in an abbreviated year.

One key member of the Thunder realizes this -- and he doesn't believe that major changes need to be made in the offseason, either.

With the NBA Draft set to be held next week, some changes are surely coming to Oklahoma City. Still, Durant doesn't believe any major changes need to be made -- and who can blame him? Oklahoma City's core is young, and they should just improve from here.

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