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NBA Draft Grades: Thomas Robinson Called 'Dream Scenario' For Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings waited and watched while everyone else stayed a part of the frenzy. The Charlotte Bobcats were the talk of the 2012 NBA Draft in the weeks before with constant discussion of moving down. The Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers were both potentially interested in moving up. Yet in the end, everyone stayed in place and grabbed a prospect they clearly liked.

Through it all, Thomas Robinson, the second best player according to most in the draft, fell to the Sacramento Kings at No. 5. Now the team now has a frontcourt player to pair with DeMarcus Cousins for one of the best young tandems in the league.

ESPN’s Chad Ford writes, "This is a dream scenario for the Kings. They need the toughness, the rebounding and the motor that Robinson brings to the table. I think he’s the perfect fit in the frontcourt alongside Cousins."

This makes Jason Thompson a nice rotational player to bring in for several minutes a game and gives the team flexibility up front. Robinson adds an instant impact player on the court and he should really help on the glass alongside Cousins. Robinson averaged nearly 18 points and 12 rebounds for Kansas, leading them to the NCAA title game this spring.

The Kings have a long climb ahead of them as a franchise, but landing Cousins and then Robinson for their frontcourt in two of the last three drafts is a great start.

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