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2012 NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons Feel 'Really, Really Lucky' To Land Kim English

Kim English was one of the hotter names leading up to the 2012 NBA Draft as a guy who was impressing late in workouts and impressing scouts along the way. That success paid off last night as the Detroit Pistons selected the Missouri star in the second round at No. 44 overall.

ESPN analyst Chad Ford said before the draft that English was a name to watch for his ability to shoot from three-point range, and that's exactly what the Pistons brass said after the draft.

"All three of our picks tonight, we feel extremely lucky to get them," Pistons personnel director George David said. "I don't know if we've had a draft here where that many guys, three guys we had ranked higher, fell to us like that. We've been pretty fortunate here the last three years."

"[English] was a strong consideration at 39," David continued. "We really, really feel lucky to get English at 44. He brings what I would call extreme toughness, a motor, to our team that we really value. He brings a perseverance, a determination and a toughness that fits everything we're about and everything we're trying to be about."

English and Marcus Denmon were the only Tigers taken in the draft. Denmon went to the Spurs at No. 59 overall.

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