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2012 NBA Draft Grades: ESPN's Chad Ford Gives Thunder An A

The 2012 NBA Draft is over and the experts are releasing their draft grades. The Oklahoma City Thunder had only one pick at No. 28, and they got a steal by selecting Baylor's Perry Jones III who was projected to go in the lottery. Jones slipped because of a possible knee injury, but as a late first round pick there was no reason for the Thunder to take a chance on Jones.

The experts loved that pick as ESPN's Chad Ford gave out an A to the Thunder for that selection:

If Perry Jones had gone in the lottery, I probably would've given the team who drafted him a C. But at 28? Grab him!

Once again the Thunder showed why they are smarter than most of the league. Jones was sliding because of a potential meniscus issue in his left knee. If it's serious, I understand. But knees are repairable. Jones is an elite athlete who never really found his niche at Baylor. He has the perfect mentor in Kevin Durant in OKC. You have to love it when players with his potential get put into the best possible position to succeed. I'm sure Jones was upset he slid so far in the draft. He shouldn't be. The Thunder are the perfect incubator for his talent.

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