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Kevin Durant Establishes All-Time NBA Playoff Greatness In Game 4 Win Over Spurs

Kevin Durant is already an NBA superstar. He's a scoring champion. He's an All-NBA player. He's an All-Star, MVP candidate, fan favorite and franchise icon. In short, he's already reached the elite level that very few players can ever reach. The only question about his future in the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame is whether or not his career will have the necessary longevity and his playoff success. Consider the second question answered.

Not every Hall of Fame player had a title on their belt. Some of the game's greats never had a chance to play for a team that could win it all. Some players had to play when others were also at their best. Karl Malone or Patrick Ewing had to play in the same era of the NBA as Michael Jordan. That doesn't negate their own incredible abilities. But Kevin Durant is doing everything he can to not only grab a title but show that he can dominate at the most clutch instances the NBA can throw at him.

His incredible performance in game four was just another dazzling display of his scoring prowess, athleticism and ability in all facets of the game. Royce Young celebrates this when he writes:

Game 4 was one of those games you file away and plan to call upon 15 years from now when you're talking about KD. Regardless of what happens next in this series, Durant's Game 4 was legendary-ish. The Thunder had blown a 15-point second half lead watching the Spurs close it to two and put the pressure on. But the Thunder put the ball, the game, the series in KD's hands and he did what he does. Kid Clutch was Kid Closer, embracing the responsibility and excelling with ample amounts of pressure.

When all was said and done, Durant led the Thunder in their game four win over the San Antonio Spurs with 36 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists and a perfect night from the free throw line with 9 for 9 shooting. He stayed on the court for 44 minutes, shot an impressive 13 of 20 overall and performed when his team needed it most.

No matter what happens, Durant has already established everything he needs for all-time-great consideration in the NBA. The kid is making history and it's unfolding before our eyes.

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