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Manu Ginobili Says San Antonio Spurs Will Be Aggressive For 48 Minutes Against Oklahoma City Thunder

The San Antonio Spurs are expected to be very aggressive tonight knowing that they are clinging to any slim hope of moving on past the Western Conference Finals to the NBA Finals over the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the last few games, they’ve moderated their intensity, but the team’s star shooting guard Manu Ginobili says there is no question about how they will look for all 48 minutes in tonight’s game six.

"We all understand it is mandatory that minute one we are going to be as aggressive as, for example, minute 26 two days ago when we really jumped on them and started to be more aggressive," said Ginobili. "Because if we are flat and turn the ball over like we did, in this arena we are not going to win. So we have to be really active and sharp."

Ginobili is also expected to start tonight. Expect every Spurs starter to play maximum minutes tonight unless foul trouble or fatigue really sets in. Given the all-or-nothing nature of tonight’s game, it will be interesting to see how OKC responds as well.

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