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Kevin Durant Says 'Every Possession Is Important' Tonight For Thunder Against Spurs

Turnovers have been a bit out of control for both the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals at some point. For the Spurs, they’re definitely focused on ball control more than ever after a horrific 21 turnovers in game 5. However, Kevin Durant says the Thunder are focused on the same thing — making sure every possession counts, since it’s all on the line in game six tonight.

"That’s our main focus, concentrating on every possession, how hard we’re playing every possession," Durant said today. "He (Brooks) always says that the easiest thing to do in basketball is play hard, and the hardest thing to do is play well. If we go out there and play hard, we’ll give ourselves a chance."

For that to happen, everyone has to be of one mind. Scott Brooks hammered home that point to the team between games five and six, and Durant said the message came home loud and clear. Everyone is ready to play their part, limit mistakes and contribute to the whole.

"Everything has to be about the team," Durant said. "Everything has to be with the group. That’s something we’ve done throughout this whole Playoffs and this whole year. It’s always been about the team and guys have sacrificed a lot. We’re just headed out there with a mindset that every possession is important. That’s the type of approach that we need to take. We’ll just leave everything out on the floor and see what happens."

Both teams know how much is on the line tonight, so it should be another incredible game. Game six starts at 8pm CT.

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