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Thunder Vs. Spurs Score Update: Oklahoma City Has Big Third Quarter To Get Back Into The Game

The third quarter belonged to the Oklahoma City Thunder as they outscored the San Antonio Spurs 32-18 to make it an 81-80 game heading into the fourth quarter. It was the Thunders defense which has stepped as they have been able to stop the Spurs from driving to the basket and have been able to anticipate their next move.

The Thunder went to a small lineup to pick up the pace of the game and it has worked wonders against the Spurs and their lead has evaporated. Both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have already upped their scoring production and have now combined for 50 points.

The fourth quarter is underway and Spurs head coach Greg Popovich had Tim Duncan and Tony Parker on the bench to start the fourth quarter, and it looks to be a mistake as the Thunder have stuck with their small lineup and currently lead 85-84 with less than nine minutes left in the game.

Then there is this:


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