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VIDEO: Kevin Durant Celebrates Win With Mom

The Oklahoma City Thunder just made it to to the NBA Finals after defeating the San Antonio Spurs in four straight games. Game 6 featured a lot of emotions as the Thunder trailed in double-digits early in the second half before going on a major run to take the lead while Scott Brooks out coached Greg Popovich.

Thunder star Kevin Durant just could not wait until the game ended to give his mom a hug to celebrate his first trip to the NBA Finals. The play that sealed the game was this Kendrick Perkins dunk with 24 seconds left:

The past two seasons Durant and the Thunder just were not ready to make the leap to be one of the elite teams in the NBA now. Climbing the ladder is the norm in the NBA and every team has to make the progression of getting knocked out in the playoffs and taking steps this year.

After two years of disappointment, the Thunder have made it one step closer to the NBA Finals and Durant just let his emotions fly.

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