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VIDEO: 'A Series To Remember' Highlights Thunder-Spurs In Western Conference Finals

The 2012 Western Conference Finals were sometimes referred to as the real NBA Finals due to the overall talent level of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. Many had those two pegged as the best teams in the NBA, so when the two faced off against each other these last two weeks, they expected the best showcase the league could offer this year. Those predictions proved to be true.

The San Antonio Spurs rolled through the first two games the same way they did the 18 games before it for an incredible 20-game winning streak heading into game three. The rest, as they say, was history for OKC as the Thunder came back from the deficit to win an incredible four games in a row. Here's a great video floating around called "A Series to Remember" that's worth reliving for a few minutes.

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