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NBA Free Agency Rumors: OKC Thunder Likely To Land Hasheem Thabeet

The Oklahoma City Thunder will not be nearly as active in the open market as other teams, especially with the Dwight Howard and Deron Williams sagas playing out in the media. However, Sam Presti, the team’s general manager, will make some moves and it seems he’s taking a chance on a big center who’s failed to realize his potential with former No. 2 overall selection Hasheem Thabeet.

Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick has the story and writes, "First the Perry Jones "gamble," now Hasheem Thabeet? Source says Oklahoma City is the most likely landing spot for the 7-3 center who was taken No. 2 by Memphis in 2009 and will be playing for his fourth team (assuming he doesn’t sign with Portland, Houston or the Griz)."

The height and potential is always something to consider on a player like this, but a change of scenery is something that he’s had many times around. It’s unlikely that Thabeet would ever turn into anything for the Thunder, yet OKC is definitely the type of team that can take a chance on such a project. There are zero expectations for Thabeet and yet he has the one thing you cannot teach in the NBA: size.

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