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NBA Summer League: Reggie Jackson Looks To Impress Thunder In Orlando

After three seasons at Boston College, the Oklahoma City Thunder made Reggie Jackson their selection in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft. Unfortunately last year wasn't so hot for Jackson's play and the Thunder are hoping that the point guard seizes control of the floor during the team's NBA Summer League play in Orlando, Florida this week.

Jackson has a real chance to show the team what he can do this week given that Russell Westbrook is off with Team USA in the NBA offseason and Eric Maynor is also not around.

Royce Young of the Daily Thunder writes, "Last season when he had to step up and fill in for an injured Eric Maynor, his play was just... unmemorable. He didn't really impact the game much, instead mostly just serving as Guy That Brings The Ball Up The Court. It would be very nice to see Jackson play with a bit more confidence, in a comfortable role where he's not out there with direct orders just not to screw anything up. Make some plays, hit some shots, attack the rim, use that athleticism. Give us a glimpse."

The good news is that Jackson scored 19 points in the first game of Summer League play. Jackson averaged 3.1 points in 11.1 minutes per game last season. He played in 45 games for the Thunder.

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