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Russian Basketball Player Andrei Vorontsevich Confirms Thunder Have Interest

Andrei Vorontsevich is a Russian basketball star. He's also a player that the Oklahoma City Thunder may be targeting.

Bongarts/Getty Images

Andrei Vorontsevich is a 6'9 forward who currently plays for CSKA Moscow in the Russian league. At present, Vorontsevich is nursing a back injury that is keeping him out of the Russian national team at the 2012 Olympics. He is also having to deal with all sorts of rumors about why he is not on the national team and whether he is considering bolting for the NBA

Alexander Chernyk of Rush'n Hoops translates a recent interview where Vorontsevich addresses all of these rumors and confirms that he did visit the Oklahoma City Thunder and that there is interest in the team.

I don’t know why it was so blown out of proportion by the media. I did travel to Oklahoma, but didn’t do any workouts there. The Thunder were interested in me before, and they still are. We’ve met with the club representatives and talked.

But I never said it anywhere that I was leaving for the States. What I know right now is I am still under contract with CSKA for two years. If I had a real offer from an NBA club, then we would at least have something to talk about. But right now my main goal is to finish the rehab completely and to get ready for the start of next season.

When Vorontsevich heals up, you may start hearing his name a lot more.

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