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Hakeem Olajuwon Wants To Coach Thunder's Serge Ibaka

Say what you might about Scott Brooks' coaching in the 2012 NBA Finals, but The Oklahoman is reporting that one of his very famous ex-teammates is offering some one-on-one coaching, just big man to big man. Hakeem Olajuwon has contacted Brooks about working with Serge Ibaka, in an effort to help OKC's big man.

"I played with Hakeem for three years," Brooks said of his stint with Olajuwon and the Rockets from 1992-95. "He’s one of the best to ever play the game. Anytime you can get players that played at a high level that can share their insight, you have to take advantage of it."

This isn't a first for Olajuwon, either: according to the story, he helped Lebron James with his footwork and post moves last summer. Ibaka led the league in blocked shots last season, so the concept of an Olajuawon-refined Ibaka on defense just seems... unfair.

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