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Blake Griffin Injury Means Anthony Davis Joins Team USA Basketball

The latest incarnation of Team USA basketball already had a perceived issue with a lack of big men on the roster. Of course, the construction of the team by Jerry Colangelo has more than enough talent to be able to walk away with the gold medal during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. However, the weakness just became even more stated with the knee injury of Blake Griffin today.

Anthony Davis, the new No. 1 pick of the New Orleans Hornets, has been summoned to replace Griffin on the team after the Clipper star and NBA icon injured his knee during a scrimmage. The extent of the damage is unknown at this time. Griffin is scheduled for an MRI.

Davis was himself out with an injury before the original 12 members of the team were announced, a move that allowed later roster additions like James Harden and Andre Iguodala on the team.

More details are still to come from Team USA about Griffin's injury and the subsequent moves.