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VIDEO: Blake Griffin Injures Knee In Team USA Scrimmage

The worst thing that a team wants to see is their player getting injured. It only adds insult to the situation if that player does it playing for an exhibition or away from the team's responsibilities. That's exactly what the Los Angeles Clippers are suffering through watching their star and icon Blake Griffin injure his knee during a scrimmage for Team USA today.

Griffin is just one of a few big men on the USA roster, so a thin position is going to be even more so, but it will help to have the No. 1 pick in the recent NBA Draft coming in to replace him. Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Hornets will try to put his own injury concerns behind him and serve as the starter now that his number has been called by Jerry Colangelo.

As for the extent of the injury, nothing is known at this time. But you can check out the video below for your own look: