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NBA Free Agency 2012: Grant Hill Considering Signing With Thunder, Heat Or Lakers

Free agent forward Grant Hill is considered three teams to with for the upcoming season, and those teams are the Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. The aging forward revived his career some wi th the Phoenix Suns, but he is looking to signe with a contender to win a title before he hangs it up:

Free agent forward Grant Hill is still considering at least two other teams-the two teams in last month's Finals, Miami and Oklahoma City-as well as the Lakers as he decides where he's going to play next season, according to a source with knowledge of the 39-year-old forward's thinking.

Reports Tuesday indicated that Hill has decided either to play for the Lakers or retire. But the source strongly indicated that Hill has not limited himself to Los Angeles as he makes up his mind. The Lakers emerged as a strong favorite for Hill after they agreed to terms with the Suns last week on a sign-and-trade deal that will send Steve Nash to the Lakers after the end of the July Moratorium on the 11th for four Draft picks and $3 million. But Hill is looking at the Heat and Thunder as well.

Hill to the Thunder would likely be just a one-year deal, but the question is if the Thunder really need Hill who would find it hard to give the veteran quality minutes:

They aren't likely to extend anything more than a one-year offer to Hill, and depending on his thinking, he probably will want at least a partially guaranteed second season. And with Oklahoma City at 14 on the roster after drafting Perry Jones III and signing Hasheem Thabeet, offering that final spot to Hill rather than a developmental player seems unlikely.

Also, where does Hill get minutes in the Thunder rotation? Obviously he seems like a natural backup for Kevin Durant, but depending on how minutes shake out, Hill might only see 10-15 minutes a game. If that's something he's fine with, then it could be a fit. He makes sense, especially in replacing Derek Fisher as that veteran voice on the team. The problem comes down to money, contract length and role.

If Hill is just looking to be on a team that can contend for a title and he does not care about minutes then the Thunder would be a good spot, but if he wants playing time then he may want to find a different team to sign with.

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