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Anthony Davis Relishing In Olympic Opportunity

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Anthony Davis isn't happy about the injury that sidelined Blake Griffin from participating in the Olympics but he is relishing in the opportunity he has while replacing the Clippers forward on Team USA.

"I look forward to playing with and against these guys," Davis said. "This is a great experience. I've wanted to play on the U.S. team my whole life. Now I have the opportunity and am going to try and take full advantage of it. It's sad to hear about Blake. He worked really hard to get here and deserved a spot. ... I hope he has a nice and fast recovery."

Davis injured his ankle while working out for teams before the draft and was limited at the beginning of Team USA training camp. He was viewed as a longshot to make the club but injuries to big men like Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh along with Griffin has pressed him into duty.

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