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VIDEO: Kevin Durant Speaks Out On Hoops For Troops For Team USA Basketball

Kevin Durant and the rest of Team USA basketball recently had the chance to practice and even shoot around with members of the armed forces as part of the Hoops for Troops program and USA Basketball. You can catch the video below of Durant speaking about the honor of doing so, but the transcript is also listed. Check it out:

"It's special to play basketball in front of people who give us this opportunity," said Durant. "They fight for freedom every single day and not a lot of people know 'em. But they sacrifice so much so we can walk with freedom. We can have a simple, perfect life, so I'm just excited we got this opportunity to play in front of them and shoot with them.

"Hopefully we can do a great job of representing for them. It makes it special that I am representing my country and also doing it back here at home in DC. All I'm trying to do is go out there and play my hardest for my country, leave it all out on the floor and represent as much as I can."