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Thunder Offseason: Perry Jones III Discusses OKC As 'Good Fit'

In a recent interview over at the Oklahoma City Thunder's official website, brand new first round pick Perry Jones III from Baylor recently sat down with Nick Gallo to discuss several topics. It's an interesting look at a player that slipped farther than some might have anticipated, but it's a nice surprise to grab a player with so much upside for a team that's already loaded.

Jones himself believes that the Thunder serve as a "good fit" for him as he transitions to the pro level.

"It's a good fit, especially when they called me and told me that they wanted me to just play basketball like I've been playing," said Jones. "They know I'm a very unselfish guy, and that's what they want the most from me is to be very unselfish. The team already has everything, and I just want to be able to contribute. I don't care if it's 15 seconds on the floor or 10 seconds on the floor, I just want to be able to help somehow."

He also noted how the NBA game is different, even with a limited stint in playing with the Thunder's summer league team in Orlando recently -- a team that also included former KU player Cole Aldrich and the team's 2011 first round choice Reggie Jackson. When asked about the major difference between college and the pros, Jones had a few notes:

"How physical it is and the speed of the game, and the fact that the point guard runs the tempo," he explained. "Reggie Jackson did a good job running the tempo for our team. And being able to follow and watch somebody else lead and him get everybody else involved. "

Jones should be a great fit for the Thunder as long as he can stay healthy. Apparently the team felt good enough to draft him in the first round and the early word seems fine besides a slight injury that kept him out of part of the summer league.

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