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Oklahoma City Thunder Earn 'A' Grade For Easy Offseason Moves

The Oklahoma City Thunder had perhaps the easiest offseason in front of them. When a team becomes an NBA powerhouse set for the next several seasons, the primary job for the front office is simply to keep things steady and moving forward. Unless a player becomes injured or a dramatic scenario plays out somewhere, Sam Presti simply needed to press the right buttons and hold tight while everyone else makes their moves.

Royce Yong from Daily Thunder says that the Thunder deserves an 'A' for their offseason grade, but admits it's an easy one to earn. By swapping Royal Ivey for Hollis Thompson, signing Hasheem Thabeet as an upside choice over Nazr Mohammed and drafting Perry Jones III, Presti did a nice job of adding potential without any risk.

Young writes, "The existing roster has three months to improve and develop (with four players doing so at the Olympics), the subtractions were acceptable additions and don't forget, the Thunder get back Eric Maynor next season. Which almost like a terrific signing in its own right. A solid offseason and one that could really only be screwed up. And as you know, the Thunder front office doesn't do that very often."

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