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Grant Hill Chooses Clippers Over Thunder, Knicks

For a brief moment, the Oklahoma City Thunder were rumored to be in on NBA free agent veteran Grant Hill. While it wasn't going to be a major addition for the Thunder or any team, the small forward can definitely be an asset for whoever signs him as a scoring option off the bench and an experienced player in the league. If Derek Fisher is going to go, then Hill would have made a nice signing on a number of levels.

Alas it was not to be and Hill signed with the Los Angeles Clippers over several franchises rumored to be interested in him. J.A. Sherman of Welcome To Loud City notes that he was frustrated that the Thunder weren't able to make roster room for Hill to play alongside such a young team.

He writes, "This story actually kind of bums me out. I know that the Thunder cemented their roster last week, but I was hoping that they were in the hunt for Grant Hill's services. I thought he'd make the perfect backup for Kevin Durant. And now he's going to a Clippers team that is going to be making a serious push to contend for a top playoff spot next season."

The Thunder are still loaded for another run and the team's big four of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and James Harden will all have international experience from the 2012 Olympics. That should be enough to keep them as the favorites in the West.

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