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NBA Free Agency: Kevin Durant Passively Campaigns For Oklahoma City Thunder

The 2012 NBA Finals made it clear that the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat are elite level teams that need little work. So it's a good thing that both teams are out of the news in the early stages of NBA free agency since there's little need to mess with the rosters as they stand. However, the frenzy of signings and watching star players change teams can make a team wish it was in on some of the action. Or at least that's how Kevin Durant seems to feel.

The OKC star campaigned passively today on Twitter but the Thunder lack any finances to make a move nor the roster spots to place them. In short, the team made its biggest move in signing head coach Scott Brooks to a new four-year deal and perhaps they'll land a minimum-deal free agent or two -- like center Hasheem Thabeet. Other than that, Durant will have to watch from the sidelines and remember he's already got a loaded deck to play with.