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Perry Jones III Earns Solid Marks In NBA Summer League For OKC Thunder

SB Nation's own Mike Prada recently broke down the play of every single rookie in the NBA summer league -- both in Orlando and Las Vegas -- and the result is a read that NBA fans should salivate over for at least an hour or two. For Oklahoma City Thunder fans, the good news is that the team's top draft pick, Perry Jones III, ended up making his list of promising players -- those under the "developing" label given that PJ3 hardly played after suffering a slight injury.

Prada writes, "We didn't see him play much in Orlando because of an injury, but when he did play, Jones III was as much of an enigma as he was at Baylor. When given the chance to go one-on-one with the floor cleared, Jones III looked as impressive as any prospect in this draft. Otherwise, though, he floated, unable to impact the game when the conditions weren't perfectly in his favor. The Thunder know he's a project, though, so they're probably not too concerned."

Jones was picked No. 28 overall in the recent NBA Draft and fell a bit farther than many predicted given that he's always held more potential than production while at Baylor. Injury concerns continue to haunt him for the long-term projection of his knees, but the Thunder felt good enough about making the move. At least from the flash he displayed in Orlando, the team could have another draft gem in the making.

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