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Team USA Basketball: Kevin Durant Says Team Learned A Lot Against Argentina

The United States walked away from their game against Argentina with a win. However it was much more hard fought than anyone believed it would be, and Kevin Durant, the leading scorer for Team USA in the 86-80 victory over the weekend, said that the US roster learned plenty in the effort.

"We started off pretty well, got a couple of shots. Argentina did a great job of slowing the game down, making the right passes and penetrating and executing. So, it was a good game for us. We learned a lot tonight. We just have to keep getting better for the Olympics and our guys did a good job of playing through everything, playing hard, playing together," said Durant.

"I thought Kevin was sensational tonight against man and zone. He looked like he did in Istanbul tonight," added head coach Mike Krzyzewski

Durant scored 27 points and hit an incredible 7 of 11 from three-point range to put the US over the top. The team's next game comes tomorrow afternoon against Spain as they continue to get ready for the 2012 London Olympics.