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Team USA Vs. Spain: Carmelo Anthony Has 23 Points At Halftime

The United States is on a roll in the second quarter of play in their current exhibition against Spain, and Team USA now owns a 48-40 halftime lead in the team's final exhibition before 2012 Olympic play begins in London. The United States was down in the first quarter against a loaded Spain team that will serve as their primary competition in international play, but Carmelo Anthony is coming up big for the US with 23 first half points.

Serge Ibaka is leading Spain with 16 first half points and there was one point where four members of the Oklahoma City Thunder were on the floor together, showing just how dominant that team will be next year and as long as they can keep such a core group of players together. Ibaka has hit 8 of 9 field goals in the first half.

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