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Team USA Basketball: Kevin Durant Focused On Doing Whatever Is Needed To Win At 2012 Olympics

As Team USA continues to move through the exhibitions leading up to the actual competition and medal contention at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Kevin Durant is doing all of the right things on the court for the team to win. He's been the second leading scorer for the team thus far, and his range has allowed the Americans to feel good about their chances to win the gold medal.

The good news is that Durant is staying humble and says he's willing to do whatever is needed while with Team USA to help the team win. His focus is completely on the moment, so he said he's not distracted by the OKC Thunder's recent loss in the NBA Finals.

"I'm just all about winning right now, and focusing on what we're doing right now," said Durant recently. "During the season, I know I'm going to continue working hard on my individual game, and hopefully I grow. That's the plan for me. But right now I'm just focused on helping this team win, whatever Coach needs me to do, I'll do. Coming off the bench, playing the four and five, whatever. If you need me to do it I'm going to try to do it to the best of my abilities, and try to help the team win."

Team USA meets France as their next opponent on Sunday.

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