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Team USA Basketball: LeBron James, Kevin Durant Lead Scoring Charge

As exhibition play has ended and the official 2012 Olympics schedule begins in London, England, Team USA men's basketball is preparing to face France in the opening game. If the five games leading up to medal contention give us any indication, LeBron James of the Miami Heat and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder will be leading the scoring charge for Team USA.

The United States has plenty of scorers, but it's been Durant and James who have come up big time and again no matter who they face. James leads all U.S. scorers with 18.6 points per game while Durant follows right behind with 17.6. In fact, KD led scorers before the last game against Spain. Carmelo Anthony is the only other player in double digits with 13.2.

Durant is also the team's leading rebounder at 5.0 rebounds per game.

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