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NBA Schedule Released: Oklahoma City Thunder Earn Lots Of TV Time And Rest

The official regular season schedule is out for the 2012-13 NBA calendar and the Oklahoma CIty Thunder are feeling pretty good about several things -- from their relative lack of back-to-backs to their 30 appearances on national television. The team is clearly poised to not only stay fresh all season long but take advantage of a lot of face time on the tube.

Royce Young of the Daily Thunder has a great breakdown of the schedule that's worth reading from the easiest to the most difficult month and several games that you must watch. But perhaps the most interesting is discussing how the Thunder will receive more rest between contests than most teams.

Young writes, "Fifteen back-to-backs for the Thunder this season, which puts them on the lower end of things compared to the rest of the league. Only Orlando has less (13). Last season OKC had nineteen in the original 82-game schedule. The season starts on a back-to-back though, which is kind of weird."

The Thunder own one of the most talented and youngest line-ups in the league, so it's interesting that already athletic team garnered such a schedule.

Check out a complete printable schedule here.

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