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London Olympics 2012: Team USA Must Dominate For American Lore

SB Nation's Tom Ziller noted in his column on Friday that Team USA isn't going to measured against Olympic competition by Americans, as they it rarely is. The whole fascination with Team USA is measuring them against other Team USA squads, which is why Kobe Bryant manage to stir the debate about '12 vs. '92 instead of the truly compelling matchup with Spain that's certainly likely in these Olympics.

This, from Ziller:

Team USA cannot lose in basketball and be considered anything but an abject failure. That's a high standard to clear.

But to really be considered great in American lore, Team USA has to go further, has to obliterate everyone and everything. That could happen, too; Team USA was quite good in the friendly run despite looking as disjointed at times as you'd expect them to be.

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