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James Harden's Face Is On Someone's Flesh

I'm not sure if we've ever seen anything quite like James Harden's popularity, especially the attention he's drawn from people who do odd things. We saw grown men wearing fake beards during the 2012 NBA Finals, to mimic the 22-year-old Harden.

Now someone has gone all the way with their love for Harden, committing to the bearded fellow for a lifetime as his face is tattooed on this person's arm.

Check out the image, via Yahoo! Sports, below the jump.


For one thing it looks painful. It's hard to imagine going through this much pain for a tattoo that really is culturally insignificant and seemingly 100 percent fanatic. But our sports culture allows us to make irrational moves like this, and part of you has to love it.

This is a website for the fans, right? Any of you big enough fans to do something like this?

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