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NBA Free Agency: Thunder Face Decisions On Derek Fisher, Nazr Mohammed

The Oklahoma City Thunder are likely to be one of the most passive teams in the NBA free agency period given the complete state of their roster. As mom said, there's no need to mess with a good thing. However, the team is not without some decisions to make regarding a few players. Here's a quick rundown of players the Thunder will make a decision on one way or another in-house:

1. Derek Fisher
This is the biggest decision the team has to make. While others may point to Serge Ibaka or James Harden's long-term plans, those aren't pressing issues that must be decided. Instead it's the presence of Fisher that provides OKC with its most challenging offseason question. The veteran point guard shot 34 percent from the floor, yet there's no denying his tremendous championship experience and leadership. It doesn't help that the Heat, Bulls and Mavs are potentially circling. The Thunder are still the favorites here, but it remains to be seen.

2. Nazr Mohammed
The big man turns 35 this fall and, at this point, serves as nothing more than a capable, rotational body underneath. He played sparingly in the playoffs this last year, and that's not going to change moving forward. Since he's already familiar with the system and his teammates, if he's willing to take a minimum deal, then he could stick. But it wouldn't surprise anyone if Mohammed left to play for his eighth NBA franchise.

3. Royal Ivey
The 6-4 guard is the least valuable of all players the Thunder need to consider here and it's likely that the team moves on. Ivey played in only five of the team's playoff games and in only 34 games in the regular season averaging 2.1 points in just over 10 minutes per game. Ivey's never been a great shooter, but his 3-point accuracy dropped from 43.8 to 34.0 percent from 2010-10 to 2011-12. That's unacceptable and the team is likely to move on.

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