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Scott Brooks Contract: Thunder GM Sam Presti Praises New Deal For Head Coach

The Oklahoma City Thunder found themselves in an interesting scenario earlier this week when the contract for head coach Scott Brooks was completed without another one ready at the time to take its place. In short, Brooks was a free agent coach for a while. Few coaches ever get to that point unless they were already out the door, especially ones that just took their team to the NBA Finals.

However, Sam Presti insisted a deal was always going to get finished and now Brooks is the man for another four years. With the way that Presti spoke after the deal was announced, it’s a wonder why it ever came down to the eleventh hour.

"His contributions are enormous," Presti said. "We wouldn’t be in this situation where we feel really good about our future without him."

Presti went on to detail Brooks’ rise in the ranks of coaching and why he’s the right man to continue the job of coaching stars like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

"He started as an assistant coach and has grown into the position he’s in as one of the top coaches in the NBA," Presti said. "A big part of that also is that he really understands our organization. He understands what works here, he believes in it and he takes those things to the court every single day, be it practice or games.

“He really has embraced the vision for the program, and he embodies it in a lot of ways himself. And we’re thrilled to have him continue with us."

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