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Oklahoma City Thunder Offseason: Sam Presti Set To Be A Very Busy G.M.

In the wake of resigning head coach Scott Brooks, The Oklahoman has a nice breakdown of everything that Oklahoma City Thunder G.M. Sam Presti has to address before the start of the 2012-'13 season, and it's quite the list.

First, there's the issue of contracts for one or both of the team's biggest names on the market, James Harden and Serge Ibaka, who are signed through next season but could become restricted free agents if extensions on their deals aren't reached by October 31.

There's also the low-end deals that could be reached to retain Nazr Mohammed and Royal Ivey, as well as veteran point guard Derek Fischer, who at his age would come at a bargain, but not without some interest in the open market from teams like Chicago.

Needless to say, Brooks' deal was only the beginning:

"An NBA offseason is definitely a marathon and not a sprint, and we've got several things we need to do as an organization internally to make sure we're moving forward in the right direction. A big part of that is our own internal evaluation and the systems we have in place to make sure we're continuing to improve."

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