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NBA Draft Grades: Perry Jones Earns High Marks For Oklahoma City Thunder

Better late than never is how the saying goes, so while the NBA Draft grades coming from Dennis Velasco at the Basketball Jones arrive after everyone else has filed their columns, it’s still a great read for basketball fans. The good news for the Oklahoma City Thunder is that Velasco loves their draft and the specific pick of Perry Jones.

Instead of just offering the quick take that everyone else does, Velasco goes the extra mile and gives depth on his opinion. That’s what makes this column a great read on every team. Specifically he loves the value of the pick and it becomes once again a potential impact addition by Sam Presti. Velasco writes:

This could end up being a great pick for the Thunder. During the beginning of Jones’ freshman year, he was actually projected to be the first overall selection in many mocks. He has that much talent. However, there was a perceived dip in skill this season for Jones, who actually played out of position most of the season. It’s difficult to project what Jones will do with the Thunder as it will be dependent on where they play him.

Since Kevin Durant will man the three, you’d have to assume that Jones will play the four, which could mean the eventuality of Serge Ibaka being let go when he becomes a free agent after next season. That would be a mistake, but Jones is so talented that it would be a mistake not to start him. Time will tell, but this is easily a low risk-high reward pick at the end of the first round. It’s easy to love this pick, value-wise.

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