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NBA Free Agency: Michael Beasley Signs With Phoenix Suns For 3 Years

It wasn’t too long ago that Kansas State’s Michael Beasley was the second overall selection in the NBA Draft for the Miami Heat. Two years later, the Timberwolves tried a change-of-scenery move to resuscitate his image and potential and that lasted the same amount of time. Now the Phoenix Suns hope they can do the same with a newly announced three-year deal with Beasley.

The Phoenix Suns lost Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers in a sign-and-trade that officially turns the corner for the franchise to a new era. They’re hoping Beasley and potentially Eric Gordon can be the scoring cornerstones of that period. Beasley has had issues in the past, but the Suns clearly like what they see.

Marc Stein of ESPN writes, "Suns general manager Lance Blanks has a history of working with troubled players dating back to his time as an executive with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Blanks was instrumental in bringing volatile guard Delonte West to the Cavs and continues to have a strong relationship with him."

Beasley averaged a career low 11.5 points and 4.4 rebounds per game last year for the Wolves.

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