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London Olympics 2012: Team USA Has Saturday Deadline For Final 12 Roster Spots

The deadline for Team USA to choose their final roster for men’s basketball is Saturday, so basketball fans will find out soon enough whether or not their favorite players will make it. Mike Bresnahan believes that nine players are locks to make it while another six contend for the final three spots, as the team whittles down to their final 12.

James Harden is among the candidates vying for one of the three spots, and his case might be helped due to an injury to Anthony Davis. Here’s Bresnahan’s quick player takes for his six on the bubble:

Anthony Davis, Hornets: On the fence for London because of a sprained ankle.
Rudy Gay, Grizzlies: Still chasing a roster spot.
Eric Gordon, Hornets: Barely played because of knee injury but somehow still alive.
Blake Griffin, Clippers: Doesn’t really have international game but still alive.
James Harden, Thunder: NBA’s sixth man of the year still alive for roster spot.
Andre Iguodala, 76ers: Versatile swingman has a chance at roster spot.

Harden makes sense in terms of ability compared to the rest of the field, but there’s also very few big men on the roster at this point. He’s also the third member of the OKC Thunder who is under consideration, so one team having 25 percent of the roster might be a bit much no matter how talented Harden is.

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