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2012 London Olympics: James Harden Says It 'Feels Great' To Play With Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook On Team USA

If anyone thought the Oklahoma City Thunder's talent level was lucky or overhyped this last season, the roster for Team USA will prove any remaining doubters wrong. Even when able to select from the best talent in the NBA, the Thunder still grabbed 25 percent of the 12 spots on Team USA with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden all taking their places on Jerry Colangelo's team.

Harden was the last one in, but he's quite happy to be here. Speaking about playing alongside his teammates and for his country, he focused about the meaning of this moment as a team and individual.

"It's a good accomplishment for us," Harden said. "I think every individual one of us is a great character guy and we work hard, tremendously hard. It shows the direction that we're in, the Thunder organization and how they draft guys... It feels great to be playing with my two teammates and I'm excited and we'll cherish it."

Harden's coach Mike Krzyzewski says he's also excited about his addition to the team.

"I like James a lot," Krzyzewski said. "I watched him play and for me, he's really a good guy. He's smart, he's great with people. He's easy to play with on the court... He understands the role of coming off the bench. I think it's a good choice for us. He earned it while he was here but also with what he's done. We're happy to have him."

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