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VIDEO: New Clip Of Kevin Durant In 'Thunderstruck'

Not much is known about Kevin Durant's upcoming role in the kid-friendly basketball movie Thunderstuck. So far, SB Nation Kansas City's knowledge of the film stems from its trailer and IMDB profile -- it stars Jim Belushi and the rapper guy from Tropic Thunder!!

But thanks to the invention of YouTube and the movie's public relations department (who else would leak information about the film?), Oklahoma City Thunder fans now know their star forward is in a funny scene with Belushi, the glory-day living head coach.

Thunderstruck - Kevin Durant gets some advice from Coach Amross (via WarnerBrosOnline)

As you can see, Durant's acting skills (though, he doesn't say much) are not as good as his pull-up jumper or ability to dunk a basketball. But for a guy who has limited time to take acting classes were not going to judge too much.

All-in-all, not to bad and we will probably still go see Thunderstuck when it hits theaters on August 24.